Saturday, February 6, 2010

Woke up this Morning in a Wintery Wonderland!

Looks like the snow has stopped for the time being....

...and this is where the driveway should be!...looks like we'll have to dig ourselves out sometime before Monday!

The birds are very appreciative of their full feeder! They're very I only managed to capture this one little guy landing...

The wind must've been blowing from the North as the snow is stuck to that side of the tree trunks! The kiddos are pretty excited & I just wanted to get some pretty photos of the yard before they made tracks through it.

It sure makes me wish we had a horse & sleigh... it would be a magical ride today...absolutely magical!


sassypackrat said...

So pretty! We got snow too but it was very powdery and didn't stick to the trees. Love the Winter Wonderland you have!

Hello there! My name is June said...

...the sun just came out this afternoon! It's incredible...I can't believe how bright and clean everything looks! Too bad your snow was powdery. This is snowman snow for sure and such a shame the kiddos have been too sick to enjoy it much. I tossed them out for about 15 minutes or so...but they dragged themselves back into the warmth of the house!