Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crafty update on craftster swap...

Hello all!

I've been getting crafty in a swap over at craftster! This one is so fun because of the number of people involved...not to mention, it's embroidery! Woot!

It's the Tea Towel Tour ..round 5!
We are a large group broken down into smaller groups & in this swap we each embroidered a design on our own item...then sent it on to the next crafter down the list as we recieved our next towel to embroider on from the previous crafter on the list.
Confusing eh? Trust me, it's way cool & way fun!
The gallery is filling up with all sorts of pretty and interesting designs!

Here's my latest contribution... the gal I designed it for wanted a zodiac I chose to do pisces! I was inspired by another crafter's embroidery to do a 'mirror image' with that inspiration and theme...this is the result:

...animals with eyelashes are so fun to draw or stitch! Even though the fish are similar...I had to make one with green eyes & one with blue!
If you've never participated in a craftster swap, you're missing some serious fun! I love to meet new creative people & get fun mail & make things!
Swapping is a great way to blend all of those loves together! Why not go check out craftster for yourself?
This past weekend, I dyed my own embroidery floss! Will post details with photos soon!

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Camouse said...

I love the tea towels my grandmother made for me. She passed away 5 years ago which makes them more special. This year, I am making tea towels for 6 of my 7 siblings. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one loving these nostalgic items.