Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why I Love Custom Creations...You Can't Beat Handmade!

Nothing beats making something special for someone to cherish.

I had a couple of custom orders lately that really meant so much for me to make. One custom order I'm wrapping up now is some of the cutest stuff I've ever made...for a special girl.
I'm going to call her my #1 fan because if she had the means, I'm sure she'd own one of everything in my etsy.

The item in the photos shown here is another custom order I was pleased to make for a special lady. It is a replica of my large breast cancer pink ribbon necklace...which I gave away here on my blog after my own personal scare.
This piece is done in a smaller scale.
I had to sculpt the center ribbon, as I didn't have any other charms that would fit the desired mold.
I'm very happy with how it came out...since I hadn't cast any of my sculpted pieces within resin before. To meet the deadline & get a good cast, I decided to make a few of these & let the lady pick the one she wanted. There are so many little things that could prevent it from coming out perfectly...such as bubbles, resin not setting up properly, & the embedded stuff shifting into a bad position. Keeping a careful eye on the pieces as they set up prevented any errors...& I'm thrilled they all came out beautifully!

I included 3 chains with the pendant since she said she intended to wear this one a lot & also packaged it cute in a window lidded heart shaped tin!

If anyone has a vision of what they'd like to see in a custom made piece...I'm always happy to make something fabulous to be treasured!


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