Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sushi to Eat... and Sushi to Sit on...

I have a problem... too many crafts and too little time.
I get all excited about a project, collect the materials, start work... & then inevitably something will come up that prevents me from getting back into the groove.

Tonight I thought I'd try making sushi for my sister in law who came to visit for the weekend. I've only had the sushi mat for years...just sitting unused in my kitchen drawer.
The first roll was too big... and the second was too small... finally the third was just right! It's not rolled as tight or as uniform as I would like it to be... but with a little wasabi & soy sauce... we were good to go! I just googled 'california roll recipe' to find out how it was made.

Now that dinner is over, I'm thinking of revisiting this old project I started at the beginning of the summer which has slipped through the cracks... a sushi seat cover!
It would look so cute in my craft room with green walls and pink curtains... if only I would finish the dang thing! The seat is from Ikea... gotta love Ikea!

...maybe I'll work on it...


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