Friday, September 11, 2009

Freedom Necklace Giveaway by isewcute

We Have A Winner!!!

(Due to a slight boy is filling in for my babygirl doing the drawing...& she is doing okay now...just taking a nap)

Congrats to Princessminders!!!!

This is the second time I'm doing a giveaway on my blog! Yay!

The piece I'm giving away is a 'Freedom' heart shaped resin pendant necklace in remembrance of the tragedy of 9/11 ...never forgetting those who's lives were lost as well as their families & friends.

I often craft for work through some of my own feelings... the bear in this photo was made within the two weeks following 911... I was hoping to donate it to a charity so that the money would go to the victim's families...but I had no idea where to send it...& it was so large to would have to be picked up at my house. My daughter enjoys him. I named the bear after my father who is a volunteer fire fighter.

The pendant is hand cast resin...with red white & blue cupcake sprinkles, star sprinkles, various glitters, & letter beads that spell out the word "Freedom".

It has a ring at the top that I solder closed to prevent loss & dangles from an 17" black enameled ball chain...or if you prefer, I can turn this piece into a keyring!

The value of this piece is $25.

It will be packaged in the cute little heart tin with the window lid shown here:

To enter to win, all you have to do is visit my etsy & come back here to tell me three things in the comments below before the end of the day today...Sept. 11, 2009:

1. Your favorite item

2. Your least favorite item or what I should improve...I'm looking for constructive criticism help my shop be the best it can be!

3. What item would you like me to make in the future.

Be sure to leave me your email address, as that’s what I’ll use to randomly choose a winner at the end & notify the winner.

I will do the drawing & announce the winner tomorrow, Sept. 12, 2009!

Please feel free to share your own personal experiences with Sept. 11th & how it has affected you & your loved ones.


Megan said...

Ooo what an awesome pendant! I love your idea of having a 9/11 giveaway.

Lets see now..
1. My favorite item is the little shamrock heart necklace- sooo cute!

2. What I could improve...hmmm i think you should make some more fun halloween pendants- with something other than a cat on it (for all of us non-cat people) hehehe.

3. What item would I like you to make in the future.. ooh, i think i answered this as my last question.. but how bout some more little heart earrings or more pendants with animals like the bunnies and giraffes :)

Melissa said...

1. Your favorite item
I love
Clovers are so cute! I just might buy this. I love it!

2. Your least favorite item or what I should improve...I'm looking for constructive criticism help my shop be the best it can be!
I think you have very creative staging for your items... but some of the backgrounds make it unclear of what your item may look like at first glance.

3. What item would you like me to make in the future.
Continue with the cute, fun designs you have!

This is a wonderful giveaway!

Elizabeth said...

Favorite: It's gotta be the Kit Kat Clock ring (Comical Cat in Glowing Green and Purple)--I have two of the clocks on my wall, in black and pink! But it may be tied with the I Love Blythe pendant!

Least: I don't dislike it, but I would say the Sugar Love...for Your Sweetie... pendant, because it's a bit plainer than the other designs. It might be neat to offer it as a custom--maybe people could have their sweetie's name put inside?

Possible Future Item: I like the geisha doll ring--maybe it would be neat to expand the doll cocktail ring range? And again, maybe people would like to buy a custom ring using a photo of their own doll?

I live in Scotland now, but I'm from the States and on September 11th one thing I vividly remember is trying to get a hold of family in Staten Island (I lived in Wisconsin)--it took ages, understandably--and then hearing them talk about seeing all the smoke from the Twin Towers. As well, they had many personal stories that they shared (my uncle is a pastor and he visited Ground Zero in that capacity in the days after) that were just heartbreaking.

My e-mail is

ELLIE said...

I absolutely love your sugar heart - so colorful!!!
i love purple but your purple goth skull is dark - maybe it is just the photo ...
I would love to see how rings would look if you can make those in future projects!!!

Lilly said...

1. My favorite is the Cupcake Party Time... a unique resin novelty cocktail ring. Cute!

2. I think you could make more earrings ^^

3. I would like to see an Alice in Wonderland pendant.

Thanks a lot for this lovely giveaway.

eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

joeandbridge said...

I love the Freedom necklace..very cool.

My favorite neclace was the Lucky in Love Necklace:

My least favorite Item was the Pussy Cat Necklace. Why? Because it says pussy on it and that's just naughty :).

I'd love to see more Irish type jewelry. I'm 100% irish and I love that stuff.

Great Great Jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway.

Bridgette Groschen

Anonymous said...

Love your shop!
1- My fave item is the RESERVED FOR MILKYWAY necklace. Ever since I was little I have loved owls!
2-I don't have a least fave item but I do wish that you would make items for Christmas.
3- I would like to see a PEACE sign pendant or ring in your shop.
Hope I helped!

Egater said...

1.favorite item: Hello Spooky Kitty
2. Your least favorite item or what I should improve...I'm looking for constructive criticism help my shop be the best it can be!: I would not change any crafts- this is your style and "handwriteinG", but I agree with Melissa that some of the backgrounds are not so good
3. What item would you like me to make in the future: A Fabulous Owl Necklace. or that lovely spooky kitty

Teresa said...

1. My favorite item: Well I have two, the rainbow heart charm bracelet and the "I crochet therefore I rock"

2. Least favorite or improve: The bunny ordering takeout pictures are a little fuzzy/distracting compared to the pictures of the rest.

3. Item for the future: I am in awe of your resin so I would say more heart resin earrings/charms. Maybe something to do with specific sports or maybe like a mom pendant in resin, I love charms showing how I have three kids. Hope that makes sense!!


Ayda said...

It's a great idea to host a giveaway for the 9/11. Congrats!

Now, My favorite item would be the Marilyn Monroe Green with Envy Glass Pendant Necklace because I like the colors and the glitter which make this pendant glamorous.

Least favorite is the Skull and Crossbones - Poison Green Toxic Dangle Earrings, not because it's something wrong with it but because I don't see this item as part of your work and personality. This one does not have the "candy feeling" like the others.

In the future you could make also brooches with animals or candy sprinkles.

Thank you for the chance to participate!

Alyssa said...

You've got fun pendants!
1. My favorite is the pink glitter heart ring, it's too fun!
2. To improve, maybe some pendants with something other than glitter/sprinkles.
3.Im a huge football fan, so maybe try to make a pendant with something football related (like that says Touchdown, or go team or something.)

my email:

mywatercolordreams said...

Favorite: Comical Cat in Glowing Green and Purple ring

least favorite item
Pink Fairy pendant I am not into fairy style but I know a lot of that people are.

Future Ideas More natural green looking pendants like the faith hope love necklace

fındıkfaresi said...

I love the best:

I think you should add some silver to your pendants to make them more elegant. But not all of them, because they are soo cute now.

I think that your designs are good, just follow your style:)


Avery said...

1. I love your "Living in a Fairytale..." necklaces, though the green would def. have to be my favourite!

2. My least favoruite item would be the "I LOVE BLYTHE...giant colorful resin heart shaped pendant necklace full of candy and glitter for Blythe doll lovers...", not because it isn't well made or un-unique or anything, I just kinda have a phobia of Blythes ;)

3. In the future I would love to see the fairytale gals in a varitey of different settings (ie. heart shaped resin, or circular potrait styles), and offered in charm bracelets too...

You are superbly talented!

Rossi said...

1. My favorite item is the:

I love Blythe!!:)

2. What I could improve.. I like you just the way you are, :)

3. What item would I like you to make in the future. Please make something Barbie! or with Strawberries, especially rings:)

Thanks so much for doing this, today was a sad day In New York City. The subway was dreadful=(

Anonymous said...

1. Your favorite item- the beauty queen resin necklace, it's totally fab!
2. Your least favorite item or what I should improve...I'm looking for constructive criticism help my shop be the best it can be! - the fairy resin pendant.
I'm not sure if it's the resin with the glitter reacting with the picture, but i wouldn't buy it.
3. What item would you like me to make in the future. i love the resin pendants! you are talented! I'd love to see some cute pandas!


Anonymous said...

Fave: Giraffe pendant

Least Fave: Could use some more variety in mold shapes, seemed a little heavy on the hearts.

Like to see: More holiday stuff. Thanksgiving & Christmas are coming up soon.

Nice giveaway - love the freedom necklace, very bright & fun yet still meaningful.

Jenn Petersen said...

First off - I love your shop. So much CUTE stuff.

1. Lots of stuff that I like, if I had to pick one it would be the "In the Pink... Resin Glitter Hearts Charm Bracelet"

2. I don't know about a least favorite item, but there are a few that I have a hard time really seeing. For example the Modern Geisha ring - the back ground is busy & I can't tell if it is how the ring looks or if the pic is out of focus.

3. This one is easy for me - I want a bracelet like the Hearts Charm Bracelet - but with STARS! I love stars so I think it would be awesome.

Thanks so much!

arisraver said...

1. My favorite item is the cloud giraffe necklace

2. My least favorite is the Biker Couple. Without the title I really wouldn't be able to know what was going on besides a picture of two smiling people. If I saw someone wearing that I would assume it was a personal photo. It may be good as a custom item to make it personal!

3. More character and animal pieces

khaski said...

I Love the Sweet Princess Kitty Necklace... very cute! I would like to see more matching sets- you have necklaces, you have earrings, but I didn't see any 'matching' sets. I would like to see more 'zoo animal' or wild animal themes- giraffes, hippos, deer, raccoons, that sort of thing would be unusual.

DixieDoodleGoodies said...

This is so great! Love your stuff:)