Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation....

We've taken 2 weeks to spend our time together as a family sharing experiences, winding down from the everyday chaos...which has also meant limited television/internet access, & much traveling.

Here are a few of the things we did as a family on our summer vacation:

Road Trip
Swam in a Pool
Went Out for Ice Cream
Celebrated 2 Birthdays
Played with Cousins
Rode a Carousel
Threw Rocks in the Lake
Had a Pizza Picnic Outside
Watched a Bald Eagle in Flight
Posed for Photos with a Moose
Watched several Sunsets
Caught a Fish...then let them go...
Took a Nap...or two
Went to a candy store that had nearly everything imaginable!
Looked for Shells
Ate Lobster with an Ocean View (& fed leftover fries to the seagulls)
Took my train crazy boy to see some boxcars up close

I managed to:
finish a book...then read half of the sequel,
attend a knitting guild meeting with 15 wicked talented weavers, spinners & knitters,
visited with another etsy seller who raises sheep & knits up the most wonderful things from her yarn,
do some embroidery...to keep up with a craftster swap I'm participating in...the result is in the photos above...
make a delightful spinach pesto pizza for my family (recipe to come soon!)
It was really nice to step back and take things more slowly...spending time with family & watching the sunset rather than staring at a computer screen or tv.
It was wonderful...everything I'd want a vacation to be...& still it is so nice to come home afterwards and to sleep in my very own bed.
As Dorothy put it... "there's no place like home"

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Nina said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The embroidery is adorable, that is something I need to learn at some point. :)