Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...my unique jewelry display!

The problem for me was how to display my new earrings...showing how they hang without actually sticking them into a human ear to photograph them. It creeps me out when I shop etsy and see the earrings I'd like to have hanging from someone else's lobes...even if they are attractive lobes. I know they can be cleaned...and even most times...the earrings shown are not the ones you'd be getting, but even so...just creeps me out. So I decided to draw me a model. Being that the earrings are Halloween themed, I thought a femme vampire gothy gal would do. It worked just great...drawing onto a heavy piece of watercolor paper with a sharpie pen..then taking a yarn needle to poke little holes into the ears for the earrings to hang from.

I don't find anyone else on etsy doing this...& am so proud that I've come up with my 'point of difference' ...at least until everyone else starts doing it!

Most of the current items in my shop have been photographed while laying on a page in my sketchbook...so I simply just took it to the next level.
Admittedly I'm proud as a peach & very pleased with the results!

I'm thinking I should make these displays available for sale in my shop to other jewelry sellers...but until then, they're all mine! LoL!


Myrinda said...

oh I think that's WAY FUN!!! now you just need to slip it in a little cello bag or something...as a reatiler, I find that very clever packaging :)

Katie Kutthroat said...

very awesome display.. nicely done lady!