Friday, October 3, 2008

Every Girl Loves to be Pampered...even little girls....and sometimes boys too!

If you really want your little girl to feel like a princess...or to just have a few quiet moments where she isn't bouncing off the walls like a monkey...why not give her a pretty pedicure?

I put my girl in her keep her contained as well as to raise her up so I am comfortable while painting her toesies.

The color we went with this time is Opi's 'Not Really a Waitress' of my favorite reds. We usually do pink...but this time went with red for fall. She keeps quiet and still...watching the whole process & we are sure to count each toe as it's she gets a little number knowledge...hey, learning IS fun!

She couldn't wait to show her pretty toes to her big brother...who felt a little left I went ahead and gave his tootsies a clear coat as well!

My little guy doesn't mind a beauty treatment once in awhile!

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Jus Shar Designs said...

When my son was in kindergarten he wanted his nails painted green for St Patrick's Day. I did it. What did it hurt...nothing.

I think it's super that you don't conform to the "that's only for girls" way of thinking!