Friday, October 24, 2008

Bugs...they repulse & fascinate me at the same time!

Just saw this creepy little thing clinging to the window screen & had to take a macro photo. I'm sure I'd pass out if it landed on me...he's pretty big...nearly an inch & a half long.

Does anybody know what kind of buggy this is? Please leave a message if you do! I'll read up on our little visitor!
I'm especially freaked out by the little sharp spiny things on it's back. It reminds me of the art of H.R. Geiger


Designs By RuKar said...

It's in the Assassin/Ambush bug family, generally found in KY, but depending on what part of Ohio you are in, that could be very close.

The link below shows info:

Ann said...

This is one scary bug!!

I have you tagged on my blog. Come check it out here:
Have a wonderful day!

TiLT said...

Should I even ask what you did with it? Did he leave quietly or did it need some encouragement?
If it had laneded on you - you were for sure get a free pass on any susequent squeeling or screeching.

Hello there! My name is June said...

I left him alone...he didn't get in the was allowed to live. That's the deal I have with bugs...once they come in...they're eliminated...but if they stay out...I let them be.

Good to know what it is Designs by rukar...thank you for the link! I'm pretty far south...just north of Cincinatti!