Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hey Elton John...Wanna Buy a Quilt? Got your 'Candle in the WInd' right here!

I don't sew much in the summer months...unless it's something for a swap, freelance toy design projects, or a little something for my babygirl.
To me, sewing just feels like a fall through spring craft to be doing...more cozy like. Now that fall is upon us, I'm feeling pressed to dig out this project of mine from this past finally quilt & bind it...but when will I have the time?
I might be more motivated say if someone like Elton John called me up saying they wanted to buy it from me. Then I'd have a concrete deadline to get her done by at least!
I love this project dearly...and really couldn't part with it...unless it was going to someone who appreciated Marilyn Monroe as much as I do...and since Joe Dimaggio is gone...well, maybe Elton John might call!

Ironing in my kitchen...why my projects always end up in the kitchen...I just can't explain.

Detail of the back...there were so many pieces to piece!

Hanging on the line...while I tacked the backing fabric to the satin...ooh la la!

Someone on craftster dot com mentioned that I should have an electric fence around my clothesline. I really got a great laugh from that!
Thank you craftsters!

It measures just under 60"



Rachel and Jacob said...

you are very creative! i am impressed.

Brook said...

agh! you are the one that made this?? seriously you are so talented!!! this quilt is SICKENING!!!

Hello there! My name is June said...

Thank you guys! Sickening...LOL!!!

Thanks Brook!

Stephanie said...

This is amazing! I came across this project while googling Marilyn Monroe art. It took me to the craftster website. You mentioned on that site that there was a link to your original project and image that others could use. That link doesn't exist anymore. Is there anyway you could post the link where it is. or email me?!

Hello there! My name is June said...

Hey Stephanie!

Thank you for taking the time to check out craftster! I'm sorry the link is missing for the embroidery I'd done....that is the project I was referencing. I've been looking for that pic, but as it's been a few years & a couple of computers ago, I'm not even sure which disk I'd saved it to.
You could have good luck making your own pattern using any readily available cross stitch software. You upload your photo, the software turns it into a useable pattern for x stitching, but you just substitute fabric squares for stitches! I hope this helps & I'm sorry that I've been unable to locate the photo. I think it's important to nurture creativity in ourselves & in others.