Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fan Letter to The Tiger Lillies ...and a sketchy inspired by their music

Dear Tiger Lillies,

You all are amazing & wonderful! (of course you are & probably hear that a lot!)

I love the performance art & music you do! (why shouldn't're so talented!)

Being able to meet you all in person a couple of years ago in Chicago was one of the biggest thrills of my life (as it should be), & I've been so inspired that I created this little doodle of you all.

I hope you are flattered by it & that it captures 'Tiger Lillie Essence' since it's more of a cartoony representation rather that a true to life portrait.

Keep doing what you do...I love your work & look forward to your next album!

Kind Regards,

To anyone looking for something truly unique to listen to...I'd highly recommend the Tiger Lillies. If you have the opportunity to see them perform in are dang lucky!
To read more about them, click on this link:
or visit their official website:

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