Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why not let your toddler help with dinner?

Every toddler & preschooler may not want to help get involved in the kitchen...but boy oh boy! Mine sure do! Of course there are several safety issues which must be met when I have them help me...but it's worth the time & mess involved! What a wonderful experience for them to learn, feel needed, as well as to contribute to the preparation of a meal.

Start out with something simple at first...then go from there. My 3 year old can crack an egg better than I can! There are so many kid friendly recipes & meals listed on various websites. Just google 'kid friendly food' and see what you come up with!

Here are some recent photos of my little ones helping to make 'pigs in a blanket'...which is simply rolling up oscar meyer cheesy hot dogs in some pillsbury crescent dough...and baking for 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

My boy was so proud to tell his dad, 'I made supper for you Daddy!,' when he got home from work! He's even learning to be a little more patient these days!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Halloween...Are You Ready to shop Etsy?

Over at Etsy, I see many stores starting to offer some fabulous Halloween items! You won't find these at your local Kmart, Target, or Wally-world. Everything sold on Etsy is handmade, or vintage, or a supply for making something handmade! A wonderful community composed of crafty folks from all over the world...and you can shop at anytime of's 24 hour temptation! It doesn't cost anything to sign up...and signing up is simple....and most folks accept paypal, paying with your credit card through paypal, or even paying with a check or money order!

If you have a cute little doggie..say about 2-20lbs or so, then you should check out DianaDesignsNY's shop! Your pampered pooch can get all dolled up for the big night!
Perhaps you're looking to dress up your front door...and would prefer something cute to something gorey...then SewtoSew's shop is selling a sweet crescent shaped witch with modern folkart flair!
With fall around the corner and shorter colder days a's time to pick up the knitting needles again... How about some fun new stitch markers? Babydragonjewelry's shop offers quite a selection...(50 stitch marker listings as of this morning)...but these jack o lanterns really caught my eye! They make knitting even more fun!
Ever heard of a 'zombie bear'? Mariska's shop has one in stock now! It's so adorably gross!
This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Wouldn't your little darling look stunning in this festive princess meets halloween outfit found in TuTuCuteBaby's shop?
I have purchased hair clippies from clippyhut's shop...and the quality is great, the packaging is professional, and the products are just too cute! You might want to snatch these pumpkin clippies up before I do!
Don't forget to send your halloween cards! Gretchen5577 has some great Halloween note cards available!

Halloween is going to be so much fun! I know my kids can't wait for the costumes, the candy, & all the fun Halloween has to offer!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Simple Princess Rainbow Dress

I found this incredibly fun fabric... with the smocking done all I had to do in order to make it into a dress for my munchkin was to add grosgrain ribbon straps & stitch up the back seam. This is the easiest thing I think I've ever sewn! It took less than 20 minutes!
I'm working on a flower wreath crown now to complete the outfit!