Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mama Sewed Cute! Babygirl's New Elvis Sundress!

It's been ages since I've posted something new on very happy to share my babygirl's newest dress made from my highly coveted blue Elvis fabric!

The pattern is an easy McCall's sundress #M5613 ...sent to me by the dear Elvissa! She sent me some patterns that her niece has outgrown & I found the time to put this one to use while my inlaws kept my kiddos busy.

The one thing I did differently from the pattern was to switch the buttonholes to the top panel rather than having them on the I can just adjust the position of the button on the straps as my girl grows to get more wear out of the dress.
I'm happy to say that I conquered the button hole setting on my machine for the first time...with a little encouragement, because I was ready to set the whole thing aside & stitch them during daylight hours by hand. Can you tell I used to hate doing buttonholes so much? I'm used to sewing toys & dolls & quilts... not buttons...but now I can't wait to come up with another button encrusted project because my fear has been put to rest!
The pattern is a winner because it's very twirly & I don't know a 3 year old that doesn't thoroughly enjoy a good twirl! ...and the big pockets for little hands! My girl discovered them right away!

I'll be making black and white polka dot bloomer shorts to go under it...eventually!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time for More Fun With Bubbles!

If I knew how awesome that bubble wand would be... I would have grabbed a dozen of them & then had everyone over to fill the backyard with these seriously amazing bubbles!

I was thinking about that last night...and realized we 'could' make our own wands in any size we want! I'd love to try it with a hula hoop and try to get my whole body inside a bubble...but the drawback to not accomplishing this goal is I need a shallow pan as big as the hula hoop for the bubble stuff.
We may have to make a quick run to the toy store for supplies to realize this goal.

What we'll need:
a hula hoop
a kiddie wading pool
enough bubble stuff to cover the hula hoop when it rests in the bottom of the kiddie pool... OR ...we can make our own bubble stuff!

What we need for home made bubble stuff:
liquid dish detergent...for handwashing dishes...not the stuff for dishwashers(dawn is the brand I've used & it works fab)
some glycerine...found at the local pharmacy
a bit of water

Mix 1 part dish liquid to 3 parts water and add a few capfuls of glycerine. This has given me excellent results. Use caution with kids however because if they get it in their eyes, it does sting! I wouldn't recommend this for kids under 3...just to be safe. My kiddos are 3 & 5 ...going on 4 & 6 ...and I've instructed them to not touch their face when they're playing with the bubble stuff. We take precautions & have a damp towel nearby to clean up during those times when a bubble pops too close & splashes their faces.

Stay tuned for a bubble fun update! I'm thinking we may do this over the weekend if the weather is agreeable!


Friday, May 28, 2010

You Can Make Your Own Play Dough!

(Home made play dough recipe courtesy of my son's preschool)

3 cups of flour
1-1/2 cups salt
6 teaspoons cream of tartar
5 tablespoons of oil
3 cups of water (add desired food color to water)

Mix together & cook over low heat stirring constantly until the dough sticks together. Remove from heat, cool and knead.
Store in an airtight container.

We really enjoy this dough. The consistency is really good and squishy & as long as you store it in a good will last for weeks of good squishy fun!
(it reminds me of the dough we used to get from doughsidough on etsy...but sadly that shop is no longer open)

Here is my son and a bunny he'd made with his sister's pink dough.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching up on hoop up! A woodland fantasy!

Inspiration struck & I worked pretty steadily on this piece to get it done.

I had the pattern designed awhile back & couldn't decide on what colors to stitch it it sat for awhile. Finally I thought the brown would be a nice woodsy color to compliment the green of the linen fabric. It's worked mostly in 2 strands of floss throughout.

I'm loving how it turned out & just wanted to share!

They're Back! Wild Ohio Peacocks!

These 2 male peacocks found their way back to our yard this weekend & put on quite a show! I was able to get pretty close & take a few photos before they were driven back into the forest by my kiddos. I think they are so beautiful & so funny looking at the same time. I'm naming these 2 'Statler & Waldorf' after the grouchy old men muppet critics.
Don't they look like they disapprove?

Looking for something to eat...and not finding much. We might get some cracked corn in case they come back...although I don't really want to encourage them to hang around all the time.

Run Statler! Run!

Safely back in the forest...for now.

Monday, May 17, 2010

i love somebunny by isewcute

i love somebunny by isewcute
Originally uploaded by isewcute

Just wanted to share the fun on a dreary rainy Monday morning!

He nabbed his little sister's bunny ears & proceeded to eat half a pound of carrots!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Doodle Love Update!!!!!!... Marie Antoinette Let Them Eat Cake..

Here is an updated version of the Marie Antoinette ACEO... the final will not have the 'thank you' going across...that is just something I did to thank the lady I bought the clip art for the background from. :o)

I'm working on a new item for my etsy! ATC's! AKA 'Artist Trading Cards'... this will be my first one!

It started off as an embroidery pattern, but being a slow stitcher, I'm never going to get it done, so the idea of making ATC's for the shop came to me. It's fun, whimsical, & I think would be a nice addition to the things I'm already doing at isewcute! ...not to mention fun, fun, fun!

Just picture it embellished with layers of floral & french motifs & then spangled with glitter or rhinestones!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Knitting Up Some Colorful Armwarmers...

If you've been lusting after the fabulous knit goods by phydeaux on etsy like I have... and you happen to knit like I do... you will be pleased as punch to know that Phydeaux has opened up her very own pattern shop called phydeaux designs on etsy!
For now, I have only purchased this pattern for the Longue mitts, but have hearted a few more for future projects I plan on doing. Her scarves are really amazing!
The thing that prompted me to go looking for mitten/armwarmer patterns in spring when everyone else is thinking about flowers, sunscreen, & the upcoming summer is that I was diagnosed with a condition my great aunt had in which my hands get cold very easily. We're talking 62 degrees outside...and I have to shove my hands deep in my pockets to keep them warm type of cold. I know you're probably thinking...that these are how will they help with that? They help by keeping my wrists warm & since the veins are so close to the surface within the wrists...just keeping that much skin toasty makes a world of difference. Anyhow, I digress...
This pattern is great if you'd like to try knitting in the round & have been intimidated by it.

They knit up quick...even for a slow knitter like me...I finished one in an afternoon watching a 'Little House on the Prairie' movie marathon.
This is knit up in Red Heart Super Saver yarn from my stash ...the color is 0929 'bikini'...and I love the bold rainbow colors! It goes great with all the tie dyed stuff I perfect for spring & summer! For all the supplies including the pattern, yarn, and needles this project cost less than $15.
I'm going to do a fancy deluxe pair of mitts as soon as some fabulous handspun yarn arrives from Xiane(three ravens dot net) on etsy. I think I've had this amazing yarn hearted since around last November & when I purchased the mitt pattern last week, I could just envision the mitts in this sparkly black & hot pink & red yarn. It's called 'cherry bomb'...isn't it delicious?!!

My boy wanted to help me, because I made it look like such fun...and it was fun!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Give a Kid a Camera & See What Develops....

So the kiddos are copying their Mama by running around the house & taking photos of anything & everything. I got a new camera this week & have had time for little else as I figure out all the functions & symbols & making it work rather than just having 'happy accidents' with the thing.

Here are some of the pics the little ones have taken with their toy digital camera. I don't think they're half bad & it's delightful to see what they deem worthy of documenting!

My boy's self portrait:

My 3 year old took a pic of her 'dancing shoes' sweet!

And here is a portrait of their daddy which cracks me up to no end!

When I uploaded these to the computer, all I could do was smile & be grateful for all the good in my life & all the worries I've had recently just sort of melted away!

I hope they make you smile a little too!