Monday, May 3, 2010

Knitting Up Some Colorful Armwarmers...

If you've been lusting after the fabulous knit goods by phydeaux on etsy like I have... and you happen to knit like I do... you will be pleased as punch to know that Phydeaux has opened up her very own pattern shop called phydeaux designs on etsy!
For now, I have only purchased this pattern for the Longue mitts, but have hearted a few more for future projects I plan on doing. Her scarves are really amazing!
The thing that prompted me to go looking for mitten/armwarmer patterns in spring when everyone else is thinking about flowers, sunscreen, & the upcoming summer is that I was diagnosed with a condition my great aunt had in which my hands get cold very easily. We're talking 62 degrees outside...and I have to shove my hands deep in my pockets to keep them warm type of cold. I know you're probably thinking...that these are how will they help with that? They help by keeping my wrists warm & since the veins are so close to the surface within the wrists...just keeping that much skin toasty makes a world of difference. Anyhow, I digress...
This pattern is great if you'd like to try knitting in the round & have been intimidated by it.

They knit up quick...even for a slow knitter like me...I finished one in an afternoon watching a 'Little House on the Prairie' movie marathon.
This is knit up in Red Heart Super Saver yarn from my stash ...the color is 0929 'bikini'...and I love the bold rainbow colors! It goes great with all the tie dyed stuff I perfect for spring & summer! For all the supplies including the pattern, yarn, and needles this project cost less than $15.
I'm going to do a fancy deluxe pair of mitts as soon as some fabulous handspun yarn arrives from Xiane(three ravens dot net) on etsy. I think I've had this amazing yarn hearted since around last November & when I purchased the mitt pattern last week, I could just envision the mitts in this sparkly black & hot pink & red yarn. It's called 'cherry bomb'...isn't it delicious?!!

My boy wanted to help me, because I made it look like such fun...and it was fun!


Maria Palito said...

I made a post in my blog about the treaure where is one of your items!

check it !

maria palito

I couldn't find the "follower tab" in your blog

Xiane said...

You are SO wonderful for mentioning my [now YOUR!] yarn here! I absolutely can't wait to see the mitts knitted up. Once you start knitting in the round, it's hard to stop! Ask me how I know ;)

Hello there! My name is June said...

Yes Xiane! I'm completely hooked & love that it's a project I can put down & pick right up again while watching the kiddos...I'm always getting interrupted! Will also send a pic of the great skinny scarf I make with the other yarn you sent! It's so pretty & smoky with those flecks of metallic blue!