Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Cute Bunny Photoshoot

Yuki, our little bunny, enjoyed playing with the yarn during this photoshoot. She kept pushing it around the table & nibbling on it a bit. I may have these printed up to hang in my craft room, but will need to make some new wall space available.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween is Right Around the Corner!

It's time to snatch these sweet & spooky looking treats right up from my etsy shop!

I have ghoulish glitter rings! Pick your favorite!

Sweet looking candy corn jewelry...not to eat, but looks that yummy!


A variety of whimsical Halloween resin heart necklaces which would look great either paired with your Halloween costume, or your everyday wardrobe to show a little holiday spirit. So fun, so cool...and you won't find these anywhere else because I made them all myself!
I will be listing all of these in the shop over the next few if there is one you have your eye on, let me know and I will reserve it for you.

Happy Halloween!!!

Bunnies in Bowls!

I have created a new group called 'bunnies in bowls' on flickr, so please feel free to join & add your cute bunny in a bowl!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Today I've been photographing our bunny in an imaginary lollipop garden. Good times!

Yuki had a good time licking the props & nibbling on the silk flowers. She appreciated her dandelion greens treat afterwards. You know it's so hard to be this cute!

Friday, September 16, 2011

We have recently welcomed a new member to our family!

This is Yuki (Yoo-kee)...which means 'snow' in Japanese... our dwarf hotot bunny rabbit!

We've had her for about a week now & it's been wonderful getting to know her. I've done a lot of bunny research for months & months to become the best rabbit mom I can be. We've had cats & I knew that caring for a rabbit would be a completely different experience & a lot of work... and very rewarding.
I lost my kitty last December very unexpectedly on my birthday & there has been a huge hole in my heart ever since. Of course nothing can replace him, but with Yuki joining our family, my heart has grown to be very fond of her & having a pet again has made our home feel less empty to me.
The kids are thrilled with having a pet besides our fish tank...something they can cuddle & enjoy watching. Yuki is all kinds of adorable from the way she eats, washes her ears, & has bursts of energy where she springs back & forth.
I can't stop taking photos of our sweet little along with recipes, craft projects, and product reviews, you can expect to see some fun bunny pictures here now!