Saturday, February 27, 2010

I had a "wicked" good date with the Mr....

They say once you have kids...everything changes...which is why we're celebrating our 10th anniversary several months later!
It was a fabulous time...dinner at a fancy restaurant followed by a show...we went to see "Wicked" the musical at the Schuster Center in Dayton. After the show we stayed at a reasonably fancy hotel in the City then went out to breakfast followed by a full day at the Dayton Art Institute getting a whopping dose of artistic culture...then off to the movies, dinner once again... then home... back to reality!
I wasn't sure if I'd truly like the musical, but I was completely blown away! Everything about it was wonderful...the set, costume design, singing, special effects, and acting... it just whisked us away getting caught up in the story & beauty of it all. Marcie Dodd played Elphaba, the wicked witch & gave an outstanding performance. Her voice is incredible! Helene Yorke played Glinda, and I absolutely adored her. Her comic timing was spot on & her singing was equally splendid.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show once the curtain went up. Here is the inside of the Schuster Center...along with a dragon which was above the stage. It moved & breathed smoke as the curtain went up. The last photo is the curtain showing a map of Oz.

It was such a good time that in many ways I didn't want it to end, but like any mom, I missed the kids at the same time & was so happy to come home to the hugs & sticky kisses. It's healthy to go on dates & have a chance to miss the kids! I'm going to be a better mom for it! Hopefully we'll do this again in another 10 years! LoL!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

victorian kitty pendant

victorian kitty pendant for meowari from isewcute
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A recent project I had so much fun working on as part of the Valentine swap on craftster. My swap partner sent me a link to a photo of her kitty, and after stalking her wists, discovered she had favorited one of those photos of a human body with animal head. Inspiration struck & I just knew I'd be altering a cabinet photo with her kitty's face & making a soldered glass pendant for her.

I adore how it turned out & am now on a mission to make photo portraits of all my family's pets... then turning them into jewelry!

What do you think?

Monday, February 22, 2010

cuppycake cameo earrings and necklace jewelry set by isewcute

cuppycake cameo earrings and necklace jewelry set by isewcute
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Just a quick little crafty update! I've been making some fun new jewelry for my etsy & exprimenting with different materials and techniques.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

words to live by . seek the joy of being alive . middletown arts center

words to live by . seek the joy of being alive . middletown arts center
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Somedays when you leave the house you never expect to see something interesting...then you stumble over something profound. This made me do a double take & then had to run back to the car for my camera...which I always keep with me in case something fascinating pops up.

This is in the path to the Middletown Arts Center. I've been thinking about either taking a class...or teaching a class...or both!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

king cake for fat tuesday...being snowed in inspires baking!

mardi gras party king cake for fat tuesday by isewcute
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So after realizing that today wasn't just another Tuesday...but was indeed fat Tuesday, I got the biggest craving for king cake! We are in the middle of a big snowy mess here in Ohio... so baking was a super thing to do on this freezy day.

No secret recipe... I just googled 'king cake' and made the first one that looked good & was made with everything I already had in the cupboard!

I know the baby is supposed to go on the inside... but hey, no chance of my husband providing next year's cake if he found the baby...and's a terrible choking hazard! I thought it looked cute sitting on top anyhow!

Happy Fat Tuesday Everybody!

Monday, February 15, 2010

geisha embroidery - a design for the Hoop Up! Swap on flickr...

geisha embroidery - making progress by isewcute - my original design & pattern
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After a little break there due to family illness... a lot of nose wiping & feverish kids... I've gotten back into working on my embroidery ...full steam ahead! Hoping this one is wrapped up in the next day or two.

Wish me luck!

Shrink Plastic Ring Fun!

isewcute shrink plastic ring made with stamp by meowari
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I was recently in a Valentine swap on craftster & my partner made me some adorable hand carved stamps. Although I'm not horribly great at paper crafting, I knew exaclty the craft I'd make with those sweet stamps... Jewelry of course!
My first project was this sweet little shrink plastic ring! I used a heart stamp and a stamp that read 'I Sew Cute' craftster & etsy shop name!
I'm so happy with how it came out & it's funny how a chunk of plastic can be worth more than the finest diamonds!

Stay crafty!

Friday, February 12, 2010

my fabulous pink arm warmers made by warmandsoft in istanbul

my fabulous pink arm warmers made by warmandsoft in istanbul
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When I stumbled across this fabulous shop, WarmandSoft on etsy, I knew I found something really special!

Meltem... the shop owner was so friendly & personable! I inquired about having her do a custom listing for me based on one of the designs in her shop. I'm a pretty tall I wanted to have the length of the armwarmers increased to fit me better.

I get cold easily & thought a nice fuzzy pair of fingerless armwarmer mittens would do the trick! I wanted to have something I could wear while either embroidering or drawing. It's hard to be creative while sitting on your hands to warm them! Hopefully I'll be more productive now!

The yarn she used is heaven! So soft & fuzzy comfy! Mine are knit with a lovely cable going up the top. I'm sure I'll get many compliments on them when I wear them out!

If you are looking for armwarmers for yourself or a friend, I'd highly recommend this shop. She knit these up within a day or two & I had them within a week's time...from Istanbul to Ohio! You can't beat that for a quality, custom, handcrafted creation!

Thank you Meltem!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My personal cupcake guardian angel... a new necklace

guardian angel of my cupcake necklace by isewcute ttv
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I'm not sure if I'm keeping this one for myself yet or not. Been experimenting with new designs & I think I've fallen in love with it a little... as parting with it... even just the thought... hurts a little.

Maybe I'll make another & then it will be available on etsy!


*Update... I have one available now for sale! Here is the link:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

handmade pink chocolate valentine heart lollipops

handmade pink chocolate valentine heart lollipops by isewcute
Originally uploaded by isewcute sharing the end result of my melty chocolate fun yesterday!


These are for my partner in the Valentine swap on craftster! Now I'm making more for my family! Share the love!

Monday, February 8, 2010

melting pink chocolate for heart shaped valentine lollipops

melting pink chocolate for heart shaped valentine lollipops by isewcute
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It snowed here a bunch & due to having one of those crazy driveways that go uphill both ways... my craftster valentine swap package didn't get mailed on Saturday as planned. Today the sun is shining ...the driveway is clear... and I'm making pink chocolate lollipops for my swap partner to tuck into the package as a fun treat!

Not bad for a Monday... not bad at all!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm making cupcakes! Available now & more to come soon!

gorgeous cupcake sprinkles button kawaii lolita style necklace by isewcute
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I'm so excited about these new cupcakes & sprinkles necklaces I've been working on for my etsy! They are about 1" across & come with a ball chain & packaged cute in a heart shaped gift box! So cute... so kawaii!

Here are my latest listings available now!

Stay sweet!

Woke up this Morning in a Wintery Wonderland!

Looks like the snow has stopped for the time being....

...and this is where the driveway should be!...looks like we'll have to dig ourselves out sometime before Monday!

The birds are very appreciative of their full feeder! They're very I only managed to capture this one little guy landing...

The wind must've been blowing from the North as the snow is stuck to that side of the tree trunks! The kiddos are pretty excited & I just wanted to get some pretty photos of the yard before they made tracks through it.

It sure makes me wish we had a horse & sleigh... it would be a magical ride today...absolutely magical!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

time for tea in wonderland necklace also coming soon!

time for tea in wonderland necklace by isewcute
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I've been making some cute 'button' necklaces & expanding on my inspiration that has grown for Tim Burton's upcoming Alice movie... & will be offering wonderland necklaces soon in the etsy shop!

This is just one of the kawaii wonderland necklaces in the bunch... a Mad Hatter with his cup of tea placed against a background of various magenta, pink, & irridescent glitters.

Today I'm photographing products & hope to have some listed by check them out if you're interested!


wonderland white rabbit embroidery WIP original design by isewcute

wonderland white rabbit embroidery WIP original design by isewcute
Originally uploaded by isewcute

I'm getting this wonderland stuff out of my system... Getting very excited for the debut of Tim Burton's Alice coming up in March!
This is an embroidery project for a new pattern I'm working up & it will be available in my etsy shortly! I always test my patterns before listing them for sale & this is coming out fabulous so far! I only hope folks like it!
Of course this is only a teaser!

Staying stitchy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

giant pink glitter heart necklace by isewcute

giant pink glitter heart necklace by isewcute
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My latest & greatest... big pink sparkly heart necklace with a plethora of glitters... handcast in resin.

The size of this pendant measures 2" x 2" & comes gift boxed cute along with the metallic pink ball chain... ready to wear! I really loved how it turned out... so much that I'm currently using this item as my avatar on etsy!

Here is the link if you are interested in snatching up this beauty for yourself... or a special someone!

Think Pink & Stay Sparkly!

day of the dead amy butler frenchy bag completed by isewcute

day of the dead amy butler frenchy bag completed by isewcute
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Ok! I finally finished this bag that I'd started about a month or so ago & I'm so proud of how it turned out! It's made from Amy Butler's Frenchy bag pattern & the fabric is some awesome printed cotton with skulls & crossbones & day of the dead characters. The bag has a magnetic snap closure & 2 pockets inside! Perfect for toting around my embroidery projects... so long as I'm using a hoop smaller than the bag opening... or using a q-snap frame that can be disassembled.

I Love it Love it Love it!

With my babygirl sick these past few days it's been hard to get any crafting done, but she's feeling a little better today & I decided to finally finish something I'd started... rare for me... yes, I know.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Rocks Neck Garland!

Love Rocks Neck Garland!
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This is going to be my next project! Don't you just love the hearts? Now if only I can finish it by valentines day!
You can get the free pattern from Vickie Howell's blog...along with 4 other great valentine knit projects!
Isn't that fabulous?

Thanks Vickie!