Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

Being slammed with a wave of frigid weather here in Southwestern Ohio...the kiddos have been really enjoying themselves! It takes forever to bundle them up...much like that scene in 'A Christmas Story' where the mom is wrapping up the younger brother to the point where he can't even put his arms down. It's always worth it though...watching them make snow angels & whatnot. We had enough snow & ice this week to have an official snow day where Daddy didn't have to go to work & we all played outside together. It even made me feel like a kid again!

Monday, January 26, 2009

making cupcakes with the kiddos = a pretty good time!

I love making stuff with the kiddos & they love helping Mommy in the this past weekend we made Valentine cupcakes together! I know it's a little early for Valentine's day...but they don't know that...and we had a ball!

We kept it easy by using a box cake mix & frosting. What flavor you may ask? Cherry!

Babygirl broke an egg for the first time. There's a big difference between a four year old cracking an egg and a two year old cracking an egg. The four year old got the egg in the bowl & tossed the shell in the sink. The two year old got the egg in the bowl..on her shirt...on the counter...down the front of the one of the drawers...on the chair...and on the floor...not to mention all over her hands and even in her hair! She was just so excited!

Live & learn!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning my Sugar Cupboard!

Been spring cleaning ...which includes organizing my craft stuff little by little & decided to attack the cabinet I keep my baking supplies in.
One shelf is for the things I cook with & the other is mainly sprinkles & sugar for jewelry making. I don't mix the 'eating sprinkles' with the 'crafting sprinkles' for health & sanitary purposes.

It feels so good to get organized little by little...and when I open this cabinet it always makes me smile to see all the sweet rainbow goodness in there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Going out of business sale!!!

Hurry hurry hurry... before this adorable shop closes it's doors forever! If you're looking for a unique embroidered shirt or bib for your little munchkin...then run!... Don't walk! yadayadayada's etsy shop!

Yada Yada Yada is a maker of original embroidered children's apparel.
The expressions on the embroidered character's faces are priceless!
I especially love 'Cheeky the Squirrel':

and 'Rascal the Raccoon':

Many unique shops like this one are closing their doors due to the CPSIA ruling on mandatory product testing. I've never heard of any child being harmed by lead in a pair of hand knitted mittens, or a hand crafted plush animal, or a hand tied tutu... it's such a shame. Sad for parents, kids, & crafters alike.
Please take the time to contact your state representatives & help get this crazy law amended!

You'll be happy to know that the owner/creator of yadayadayada is still getting her craft on with her other etsy shop, "pottery in the round"
...where she makes the most amazing felted vessels & flowers!

Monday, January 19, 2009

isewcute is very excited to be taking part in Fred Flare's 'Snail Mail Valentines for Charity!'

I'm no cardmaker...buuuuut was so flattered when I recieved Fred Flare's invitiation... I just couldn't resist the challenge & came up with a design that I'm so proud of!
ALL the proceeds from the sales of Fred Flare's valentines will go directly to Elder Craftsmen, an NYC based organization that brings craft workshops to local senior citizens. Now how cool is that...keeping seniors crafty?
I knew from the start that the card would include more than just printed paper...& came up with the idea of including the silly fun cartoony avatar of myself wearing one of my mini sweetheart for sweetie necklaces!
It's printed on a heavy pink cardstock & I trimmed the edge with decorative scissors...punched holes for the ball chain... strung the necklace through the holes where it is hidden in a heart pocket on the inside.
It's a card & gift all in one!
Be sure to check out Fred Flare's blog about it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Please Vote For 'Catch a Falling Star Right Through a Rainbow Necklace' at Etsy..

This is my 'Catch a Falling Star Right Through a Rainbow Necklace' ...please take a minute to vote for me if you like it!

It really means a lot to me as a crafter & is also an opportunity for me to represent my fabulous street team... 'crafting in color'
For more information on the Crafting in Color team... you can check out our team blog here:
...or just type 'CIC team' in the etsy search bar to find hundreds of colorful items by our team members!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ode to Joy! A treasury inspired by song...

This time I was inspired by a song... 'Joy' by Apollo 100's a wonderful twist on the classic by Beethoven...'Ode to Joy'

Here is a list of the shops & items featured in this treasury...

Beethoven Print by BrandyKayzakianRowe:

Ode to Joy Print by CMZart:

Shoulder Cozy by artnomadix:

Joy Original Painting by thumbelinapaint :

Joy Dichroic Glass Cabochon by GuruCreations:

She Doesn't Look Back...Pendant/Charm by allisonstrine:

ACEO Print, Little Girl Playing in the Leaves by Silverbrookstudio:

Original Textured fine Art Painting of a Mother & Child by WhimsyArts:

Sunburst ACEO Print by meArtDesign: of Sleeping, a Sleep Mask by superjennylove:

Joy, Original Watercolor Painting by lauratrevey:

Joyful wool artist roll by sewhappyjane:

I usually make treasuries featuring my etsy team members from the crafting in color team on etsy.
You can check out our team blog here:

If you're shopping for something colorful on etsy...just type 'CIC TEAM' in the search bar to find items from our wonderful members!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I need to clean my room!

My craft room... also known as 'mommys secret room of mystery & wonderment'... is overflowing with stuff. Piles of fabric, boxes of yarn, jars of beads... need to find a home & get organized. I swear it's like a craft store threw up in there! My kids aren't allowed in it due to the hazards they could get into...scissors, exacto knives, wire & I keep it all under lock & key. My cat doesn't even know my craft room exists! LOL!

So I'm making it one of my New Year's resolutions to get crack a lackin' & make it more kid friendly & I may actually be able to work in there for a change! These photos were taken when it was fairly organized. I've bought some new art on etsy & think I can at the very least give it a nicer space to hang in.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Just taking a minute to update with some pics of my babygirl twirling in her tutu on Christmas day!
I purchased it from HannahsTutus on etsy!

Babygirl felt like a total princess in it...and her little dance brought a smile to everyone's face as she twirled & twirled!

The tutu is extremely well made...very professional looking...packaged very nicely & even included 'fluffing instructions' ... a true boutique item!

If you're looking for a tutu for your tiny dancer, I would highly recommend HannahsTutus!