Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tudor Swap on Craftster

I'm busy as a bee working on a couple of very time intensive projects for the Tudor Swap on Craftster. I hope my partner isn't stalking me here on the blog for crafting ideas at this point of the swap, or it may be a bit of a surprise spoiler for her!
I started my first project...the big one right away & early on had discovered that at the rate I was going it would not be completed in time.
Call me crazy, but this is what I had set in my mind to do:
I'm about one fifth of the way done & it's been slow going. I forgot how long it takes me to do one of these charts!
My back up plan is to do a couple of paintings. My partner has wall space, not shelf space, so I think artwork of some kind is the way to go here. If I don't get at least halfway done by the end of the day today, I'm scrapping it for my paint & brushes.
The medium project I'm working on is my personal favorite. I like to make things for my partners that I would like & can find a use for.
It's a loaded Tudor charm bracelet! I won't show a photo of the whole thing just yet, so if my partner does peek at my blog, she will still be surprised by the rest of the design!
I've got a silly sense of humor in placing a baby carriage next to Anne Bolyn... I crack myself up!

If you'd like to make something similar to this or different...but just really love the look of the portrait charms, you'll want to check out the etsy shop, "marlaot" THE MOON & STARS-Unique jewelry supplies & findings.
Marla makes the portrait charms by hand herself & I must say the quality is top notch! She can make them in a couple of different finishes, so if you prefer antique brass to the're all set!
I'm so pleased with the charms I received & they arrived rather quickly too for being handmade! Marla was a pleasure to work with. She had to customize one of the charms for me & made a change with some of the hardware & was so courteous & answered my convos in a timely manner. I'd highly recommend her to anyone for these charms!

I can't wait to see what my partner will think of her swap package! It's such an awesome feeling to know you've made someone's day with something you crafted with your hands and your heart!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Owl Sculpts...

I've been having fun playing with some modeling compound & creating these little owls for a friend! I'm not sure if they're going to be glittered or resinated it's going to be fun seeing what happens from this point on. I haven't sculpted much except for one custom order & then the Simpson's Nativity I made for the wist swap on Craftster. I really enjoy getting my hands into the work like this. It's so different than crafting with resin & wearing gloves, goggles, a respirator & taking care to not get any of it on anything until it's cured.