Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time for More Fun With Bubbles!

If I knew how awesome that bubble wand would be... I would have grabbed a dozen of them & then had everyone over to fill the backyard with these seriously amazing bubbles!

I was thinking about that last night...and realized we 'could' make our own wands in any size we want! I'd love to try it with a hula hoop and try to get my whole body inside a bubble...but the drawback to not accomplishing this goal is I need a shallow pan as big as the hula hoop for the bubble stuff.
We may have to make a quick run to the toy store for supplies to realize this goal.

What we'll need:
a hula hoop
a kiddie wading pool
enough bubble stuff to cover the hula hoop when it rests in the bottom of the kiddie pool... OR ...we can make our own bubble stuff!

What we need for home made bubble stuff:
liquid dish detergent...for handwashing dishes...not the stuff for dishwashers(dawn is the brand I've used & it works fab)
some glycerine...found at the local pharmacy
a bit of water

Mix 1 part dish liquid to 3 parts water and add a few capfuls of glycerine. This has given me excellent results. Use caution with kids however because if they get it in their eyes, it does sting! I wouldn't recommend this for kids under 3...just to be safe. My kiddos are 3 & 5 ...going on 4 & 6 ...and I've instructed them to not touch their face when they're playing with the bubble stuff. We take precautions & have a damp towel nearby to clean up during those times when a bubble pops too close & splashes their faces.

Stay tuned for a bubble fun update! I'm thinking we may do this over the weekend if the weather is agreeable!


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Linda Vandermeer McCubbin said...

Oh think I must try this soon. The kids will love it.