Sunday, May 2, 2010

Give a Kid a Camera & See What Develops....

So the kiddos are copying their Mama by running around the house & taking photos of anything & everything. I got a new camera this week & have had time for little else as I figure out all the functions & symbols & making it work rather than just having 'happy accidents' with the thing.

Here are some of the pics the little ones have taken with their toy digital camera. I don't think they're half bad & it's delightful to see what they deem worthy of documenting!

My boy's self portrait:

My 3 year old took a pic of her 'dancing shoes' sweet!

And here is a portrait of their daddy which cracks me up to no end!

When I uploaded these to the computer, all I could do was smile & be grateful for all the good in my life & all the worries I've had recently just sort of melted away!

I hope they make you smile a little too!

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Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. said...

When my mother got a new camera she gave me her old one. I found some pictures I took of the town's Bicentennial celebration, scanned them, and send the digital files to the town's historical society. Nothing like the pictures an 11 yr old took of a parade to embarrass my photographer self. The mules drawing a wagon got more shots than the people.